Lady Bird –

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10 Responses

  1. Aurora Lara says:

    lol Christian from dance academy

  2. Eric Wales says:

    Her mom made TWO bad decisions – I assume, (1) to have unprotected sex/ and (2) to not get an abortion! And I haven’t seen the movie. lol

  3. Gonzalo Raffa says:

    if it was an anime it could win a razzie

  4. some1unkn0 says:

    What’s the song played when Lady Bird approaches that irish guy in the disco for their first dance?

  5. Toldentops says:

    god this sounds like me and my mom lmao

  6. Marcos Vinicius says:

    what name this music playing this video???

  7. kuruba veeresh says:

    so boring

  8. Nikky the demagorgan says:

    God this movie is so well done. Best one ive seen yet!! It made me cry the first time i saw it.

  9. jordan bermudez says:

    Gotta Love Sacramento. Where’s my fellow Sacramento civilians ?

  10. Zoë Lkjsdhf says:

    Finally a real movie not about rich or middle class people.

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