OSCAR 2018 Nominees – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. 715490 926 says:

    A bunch of ppl no one has heard of from movies no one saw.

  2. egidio6david0 says:

    #releasethememo !!!!

  3. Home is where the heart is. says:

    What about that kid that had to open up a bong in front of his mom? That was some excellent acting

  4. Joshua Yan says:

    Lmao suarsy ronan

  5. Nuka Cola says:

    Kewl! Another hey everybody look at me while i complain about nonsense award show! While i pretend everybody in the room doesnt touch kids!

  6. Rose_Inga says:

    Call Me By Your Name is the only LGBTQ movie nominated for (to name a few) a golden, sag, and now Oscar… it better win SOMETHING

  7. Spicy Aleks says:

    “Trending” when it has 19k views in over a day. Pathetic YouTube.

  8. tinaloveseddie says:

    Gawd… not Meryl.?

  9. Hajer Alzadjali says:

    I want Gary oldman win the best actor!

  10. jeni 123 says:

    Falto james franco que sad

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