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10 Responses

  1. julio barjoan says:

    Well this looks boring asf

  2. Zack Stark says:

    Just saw it it was Fantastic

  3. Zack Stark says:

    #GaryOldmanfortheOscar this is his best role yet

  4. ehow1e says:

    What is the soundtrack from 1:19 onwards?

  5. Kashif masood says:

    winston churchill was cruel murderer and pure evil man here they brain washing people and showing him as hero but he was fucked up son of devil

  6. nikhil bhagat says:

    Wat a dialogue deluvery from Gary truly Gary Deserves an OScar

  7. JuandelaCruz001 says:

    Hooooly shiiieeettt! Gary Oldman’s BEST!

  8. Junaid Ali says:

    Winston fucking Churchill .. A mass murderer just like Adolf hitler

  9. Jay Rock Jinx says:

    I’m not even British but I need to see this. Gary Oldman needs an Oscar like now.

  10. Philippe Beauchamp says:

    what the fuck. The soundtrack of Rush in this trailer? lol

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