Mumford & Sons – Beloved –

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10 Responses

  1. Ashley Norton says:

    That tune!! “Dink a dink”???

  2. MIke Harrison says:

    Ur at my dads hotel rn

  3. Byatriz melo says:

    Essa música é incrível, todo o sucesso pra vocês.

  4. Barb M says:

    I had heart failure last year and I really know the appreciation of life! The probability of me surviving was 4% so don’t take life for granted enjoy every moment!

  5. Lurie.Photo says:

    I guess, the final of the music video is so obvious. And the worse is that means screenwriter/director use simple strategy to influence at viewers emotions.

  6. Akash Deep says:

    YES, this is music, connecting people by their feelings, thank you MnS for existing

  7. Francisco Quiloquilo says:

    without the stealing please 🙁

  8. Carol Thompson says:

    Wonderful expression in both video and music!

  9. Marianne Eilsøe says:

    Beautiful ?

  10. Ash B. says:

    Don’t watch while on your period…????

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