Logic – Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. William Nottingham says:

    Most real song Logic’s made in a while

  2. Zak Wilkie says:

    Logic is built wtf happene

  3. Brayan Landa says:

    Bro they say he’s getting old tf he’s only 29 and look at drake almost about to be 50 tf is wrong with people

  4. John Estrada says:

    Close your eyes and just listen sounds alil like Kendrick Lamar but still dope

  5. Estuardo Farfan says:

    Love this song logic your the best hope to see u soon ☺️✌️??

  6. Ross Thysse says:

    Will always be my favorite rapper

  7. SickC4nt Productions says:

    Always so deep and genuine gotta love Logic fr

  8. Av Vaye says:

    He looks like a certified father….

  9. Super Speed29 says:

    damn logic really bleeding like a mofo rn

  10. IdiottiBiscotti says:

    Can’t wait for the new album bro!

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