Ed Sheeran – Perfect – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. J. Stephenz says:

    Visuals are Incredible

  2. SandMan says:

    #3 Indonesia

  3. gie v says:

    I love this music it is romantic song

  4. Women Way says:

    just awesome. You can watch this video on peanuts on youtube.

  5. kym jayme says:

    wow this music is incredible such in trending no#1 song
    “”’the earth has a music for those listen ”’

  6. Mark L says:

    This song is perfect

  7. Shivam Agarwal says:

    Love from India Ed???✌️

  8. Ex tra says:

    #2 AUF TRENDS ffs this Music is Nigger Gay Shit

  9. Vern __ says:

    Barefoot on the snow

  10. Caroline Prado says:

    16 dislike? Será por el video o la canción. Quién los entiende? ?????

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