Jennifer Lopez – Amor, Amor, Amor ft. Wisin –

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10 Responses

  1. Moonlight Grande says:

    Amor Amor Amor ???

  2. Md Munna says:

    Nice song


    Song is the best

  4. james Kring says:

    Have this on repeat… Added to my Thanksgiving Playlist

  5. Nilson Hernandez says:

    mister doblete es un chingon

  6. amel kika says:

    ??jennifer lopez feat luis fonsi Omg wts??????

  7. nahuel loayza says:

    Me gusta mucho wisin!! Lastima el coro de la cancion, muy mala!

  8. calrossss says:

    Me encanta esta cancion no dejo de escucharla muy buena ??????

  9. Araceli Micaela Bravo says:

    Me encantaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  10. Martens says:

    I love her and all. But it’s so funny. That for years she was singing songs in English and now, when latin songs became more “on top”, she started to record songs in Spanish. XD But no offence, love you still as much. ♥

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