MattyBRaps – Gone –

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10 Responses

  1. Németh Dominik says:

    Why do not you like that?

  2. oprahside niggas lotion says:

    I will use this song as motivation to kill myself

  3. oprahside niggas lotion says:

    Reported for abuse

  4. Rosa Ward says:

    Omg can people please stop hating on this boy please. He may not be the best singer and use auto tune but he is only a young boy having fun and trying to maybe get a career. Just because you wouldn’t listen to his music didn’t mean u have to leave horrible comments about him. He has more of a life right now than you will probably ever have and can u not just appreciate he has most likely tried his best. Some people even have the nerve to say stuff about ending his life and what because of a song? Another thing is that most of you are adults so shouldn’t u know better not to hate. It just proves how crap your life is if you have the time to waste hating in this innocent boy. If your going to click on this video and watch it, at least have the decency to keep your opinions to yourself if they are full of hatred. There is nothing wrong a with a bit of constructive criticism but that’s it. There is no need to hate on him because he is just doing something he loves to do. If you still haven’t got the message and your a hater, let me spell it out for you: NO ONE GIVES TWO SHITS ABOUT YOUR OPION SO SHUT UP .

  5. Julian Izzy says:

    What’s with the hate lmao, this isn’t terrible he just needs time to perfect his craft.


    This is a decent song

  7. Lily Harrold says:

    there’s only one person just as bad as him. jacob sartorious. HONESTLY THOUGH, why are kids becoming famous for auto tuned crap? ugh it’s disgusting.

  8. Kins says:

    Everyone is so mean to this kid. I’m not a fan I’ve never really watched any of his videos, but he’s young and making music and doing what he likes. This music isn’t my style but it’s not like he’s a bad artist. Everyone has their own music taste and style. Let him be and let him do what he wants. He has done nothing wrong.

  9. Rezii says:

    At least this is better then Jacob statourious(however the spelling is)

  10. Syn Darion says:

    The black guy is fucking hilarious. Watched the whole goddamn thing twice for ma nigga.

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