Mark Ronson ft. Lykke Li – Late Night Feelings –

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10 Responses

  1. Lykke Li says:

    she’s out ?

  2. Son Of Wolf says:

    I dont care what brought you here.
    I dont care what year it is.
    Stfu this song is awesome.

  3. radical face says:


  4. TruthofDilly says:

    My only criticism of this song is the fact that it’s not long enough, I want to hear more and see more of her…Obsessed!!!?

  5. Felipe Dias says:

    Love this song??

  6. Paul Hunter says:

    This is bloody fantastic! Hats off to Mark and Lykke.

  7. Camailria Wingo says:

    Lykke Li has amazing vocals on this Mark Ronson track

  8. TheDiamondLife90 says:


  9. dididi 123 says:

    Thank God this pairing finally happened

  10. cesar de sibaris says:

    Agradable sorpresa con una estética de lujo.

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