Kane Brown ft. Becky G – Lost In The Middle of Nowhere – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. Mia Angel says:

    They would be a good couple.

  2. M Martinez says:

    She’s such a queen and Can we just appreciate his dancing skills ??

  3. Black Mono says:


  4. Angie Garces says:

    Buena la canción se la.dedique al chico q m.encanta

  5. Daphne Peterson says:

    Kane you are sooo better than this

  6. Justine Feliciano says:

    Holy shit! Kane Brown you’re amazing? you did the Damn thing in this song! I love this sexy ass man!

  7. Abigail Rodriguez says:

    Me encanto

  8. Constantinos VOX says:

    I Love This Song…Congrats ???

  9. Dance Music Brasil says:

    KVSH, Beowülf, Flakkë – Me Gusta

  10. David Baltazar says:

    Becky G la mejor y un buen tema

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