Billie Eilish – bad guy –

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10 Responses

  1. Dan Mac says:


  2. Mittenkitten says:

    This song is so shit and ellish is a schmuck

  3. Victoria Orozco says:

    Billie is the most fantastic person on this world.PERIOD!

  4. Eleni Dimou says:


  5. Deim Hard says:

    Everybody: lol girl with mumble flow cant be popular

    Billie Eilish: *hold my blood*

  6. NightDrøp The Pony says:

    This whole video is just Billie being herself and having fun

    I know it’s sad

    But I think this is the only music video I’ve seen her THIS happy.

  7. Артур Макаров says:

    Поражаюсь просто, чем безумнее тем популярнее, значит многие люди уже стали безумным зомби, а делает из людей зомби наркота

  8. Miguel Angel says:
  9. Melissa Parks says:

    The end is like a whole new song or something I like how it changes categories

  10. rayya gonzalez says:


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