2 Chainz ft. Ariana Grande – Rule The World – ipasm.com

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9 Responses

  1. ShayAND1 says:

    2 Chainz and Ariana are becopming a good ass duo no cap

  2. wua riola says:

    Ariana cuando vienes a guayas

  3. oswaldo sanchez says:

    i love this song/video

  4. Jacqueline Harris says:

    Feeling the soul in this

  5. Favour Ajayi says:

    Who else is here for 2chainz

  6. mundo divertido legal says:

    Y love Ariana ❤❤??????

  7. Mabel Olivera says:

    Ariana grande songs love you fans 1one awards super stars ?????

  8. Alejandro Castañeda says:

    Este video me recuerda a “Right there”, o no??

  9. Erkezhan Galym says:

    Soooo dooop❤?????❤❤❤❤

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