Jaden Smith – Icon ft. Nicky Jam – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. ChristianCS says:

    que muy bueno ctm, temaso

  2. Mrs. Madness says:

    The moon walk had me like ☠?? I replayed it like 100 times

  3. Eduardo Morales says:

    That nighas lengua is long assss fuuuuck wtf??

  4. marian killer says:

    Nicky Jam is trash

  5. Jelle says:

    All dislikers clicked to hear a reggaeton beat.

  6. yehezkiel kuncutz says:

    it will be more lit if jaden rap spanish too and Nicky does the moonwalk…

  7. SonicoMC says:

    no este tema no la da.

  8. Dias fathur says:

    feels like despacito , but good too

  9. Shmikn Shmanwhich says:

    His beard looks spray on but this is fire

  10. I poop in my pants says:

    I can even sleepwalk like that! huh!!

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