Cardi B – Be Careful –

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10 Responses

  1. 9ice Entertainment says:

    Let’s be honest, Cardi aced this was one! Especially the hook.

  2. Kyn says:

    Look at this cover of Love Lies

  3. Holy Narwhale87 says:

    Oh god modern day music is screwed.
    This is fucking awful.

  4. Pervy Sage says:

    Did yall see that fucken red pony tail???!!! Thats some Janet Jackson type shit and i am HERE FOR IT ALL!!

  5. Eliise Tüür says:

    Cardi is so pretty?

  6. LaLa Laura says:

    Is nikkie tutorials in the funeral part?

  7. TheJayMBritt says:

    Listen to my new single feelin me I promise you won’t regret give it a shot and like,share and subscribe!!

  8. Last Survivor says:

    This is fucking awful

  9. ΕΛΕΝΗ ΣΟΝΤΗ says:


  10. Sassy Sasquatch says:

    Cant stand this ghetto ass thot

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