J. Cole – MIDDLE CHILD – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. kendrick kim says:


  2. 79 Quali says:

    Eu amo vocês,Lil’s,estou feliz por virem. Espero que vocês consigam o máximo de dinheiro possível. Espero que saibam, dinheiro não vai fazer a dor sumir!”

  3. daveion jones says:

    Let me break it down, he saying that everyone is sleeping on him so he depend on himself and the OGs back in the day because how they grew and blew up at the same time, now the new school rappers acting like they is all that because they is Rich and lying in their raps, and the lady on the end liked the BLACK girl edges so she copied her style

  4. Ben Dover says:

    I’m a middle child lol

  5. Playmakin Juice says:

    Next Nigga To Blow ???

  6. hotblock tre says:


  7. JimmyNimbles420 nolastname says:

    the flow is drool worthy

  8. Devin Misquadace says:

    8000 haters

  9. abyy man says:

    Best rapper rn

  10. Maxwell Oduor says:

    this song is dope

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