Iggy Azalea – Sally Walker – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. RoseGold Magic says:

    1:50 Was that…. No….

  2. cringefest55555 says:

    Ya Nicky and Cardi r better.

  3. Dilta says:

    Yees Iggy yeeees

  4. Jacob Bennett says:

    Omg Jazz is in this love that

  5. cringefest55555 says:

    Like Izzy u flat

  6. S P A C E K A T says:

    1:29 You can see James clearly! ?

  7. N koyuncu says:

    what does this song even mean like it’s so dumb

  8. Mimi&Stormy says:

    Did you see james charles

  9. Verie Gabber says:

    I fucking love the drag Queens ? miss vanjieee

  10. woman Steiner says:

    *É ela voltou*

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