G-Eazy and BLUEFACE ft. ALLBLACK and YG – West Coast – ipasm.com

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10 Responses


    West coast real time business puma check just got cleared merry Christmas

  2. BGM JAMES says:

    Imagine how cool this vid would be with colour

  3. Jiminy Snippet says:

    i cant believe people were saying “wheres ALLBLACK” when it dropped without him, shits awful

  4. -__Rathore__- says:

    ? Beat ?

  5. LovingxLyriqxNxDeSeo says:

    This remake could have been way better…

  6. sam wise says:

    FIRST TIME LISTENING TO BLUEFACE- AND I hated him … as soon as he opened his mouth – FAce the wesT ??? damn how is SNoop letting this trash bars represent the wesT ?

  7. King Black says:

    All these niggas trash except yg

  8. I Am GB says:

    That nigga Blueface got me dead ass laughing my ass off!!! @2:03 “I’m a fuck her all my bitches call me fucker!” ???

  9. SoulXO says:

    I think g-eazy and YG have the rhythm in their blood…
    And others need much dictionary

  10. Ronnie DatBoiRonnie says:

    G-Eazy really a hood ass white boiy lmao ??☠️

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