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10 Responses

  1. elena spilioti says:


  2. Tamara Darlene says:

    the only thing I dislike about this, is the waste of food

  3. elena spilioti says:

    we can do it

  4. Kyleeisnotonfire 13 says:

    When you pretend you don’t like Harry styles but you find yourself on his YouTube channel like once a week

  5. Amaani Ziauddin says:

    Harry= CUTE

    Puppy= CUTE

    Harry and puppy= DOUBLE THE CUTENESS

  6. Paulinha Oliveira says:

    Rock n’ roll baby ??

  7. Reghan Sayre says:

    So many questions running through my mind…Styles WHY?!

  8. Brigitte Potosi says:

    Harry paso de ser una boy band a hacer musica rock ? :0

  9. Brayan Betancourt says:

    Pudieron haber pensado en los niños del África >:v

  10. Sophia Holmquist says:

    I️ knew the video would be random cuz it’s Harry but I️ didn’t know it would be this random?

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