The Post (2017 movie) –

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  1. badassdahn says:

    Here we go again – woman executive editor standing up to men, smells like the usual feminists propaganda from Hollywood.
    Unfortunately Tom Hanks decided to play a role. Oh wait they might soon accuse him of sexual harassment so his not safe either way

  2. where's the tequila says:

    The Washington Post took down one administration. They’re ready to take down one more. πŸ˜‰

  3. ItsDank says:

    If Bryan Cranston was in this I would of nutted

  4. Anogi Nesta says:

    Another propaganda film, nice.

  5. Homie Javiar says:

    Is dat Hillary Clinton?

  6. Tristan Michels says:

    Well. Another Steven Spielberg film that’s going to be nominated for tons of Academy Awards. That’s really great. Mr. Spielberg knows had to make classic films over the years, and this film looks no different, which is DEFINITELY a good thing.

  7. William Turner says:

    How to make the perfect Oscar movie:
    Step 1: Base it on historical events
    Step 2: Get one of the best modern film makers to direct
    Step 3: Attach high profile actors to play the leads
    Step 4: Get a strong supporting cast
    Step 5: Get John Williams to score
    Step 6: Release it on a date where it will have to compete with Star Wars

  8. Shivangi Tiwari says:


  9. Lucifer Morningstar says:

    Tom Hanks + Maryl Streep + Spielberg + Saul Goodman = Breaking Oscars Bad

  10. Jacob Gonzalez says:

    HELP!!! I’m throwing my money at my screen but nothing is happening.

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