Happy Father’s Day – Famous dads and their famous daughter or son – ipasm.com

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  1. Bear Bere says:

    God bless to those people like me that have no father or mother, I’m one of those people that take care of 3 siblings by myself. God bless to those others that are like me. Don’t give up. Keep going. Your loved and adored. You’re strong. Comment if you are apart of this family.

  2. Cookie Girl says:

    My little brother is battling a cancer that is rare and the doctors are creating a cure for it but yet we just hope he is okay , he mean everything to me and I was there to watch him grow up and now I might not be able to see him later into the future and I just want the the best for him , pray to god that he can help … I love you bubba ❤️

  3. Braydon Grider says:

    my kusen in the hosbeol

  4. Braydon Grider says:

    see is sik badle

  5. Braydon Grider says:

    I’m soy soy

  6. Braydon Grider says:

    am sad

  7. Braydon Grider says:

    I won’t it 10000000987 tiam

  8. FIBBI Cartagean says:

    i wish you all the best.
    lovely and touching.
    every day every day!!!

  9. Aaron Address says:

    So beautiful

  10. Vigorous Vocalist says:

    OMG I cried! My grandfather passed from cancer shortly after my birthday! I hope your dad heals and your song was so sweet!

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