Foo Fighters – The Sky Is A Neighborhood –

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10 Responses

  1. Luis Vallejo says:

    Cade os BR que curtem foo fighters!!!!

  2. Henry TheGreatAmerican says:

    The chorus parts sound like IMAGINE DRAGONS. The other parts sound like AWOLNATION (specifically the song SAIL).

  3. Pink Floyd my Tribute says:

    Simply great!

  4. Michael Rose says:

    Should be OST for “Stranger Things” πŸ˜›

  5. matheus santos lima says:

    alguΓ©m mais achou parecido com scalene?

  6. Laura Maya Serrano says:


  7. Gerry Calvario says:

    What kind of ‘Imagine dragons” is this?

  8. elroy jetson says:

    dave cut that hair …uh i think its not helping…uh get a haircut like in uh learn to fly video…maybe the magic realives

  9. Anton Barkland says:


  10. diceMEass says:

    I sometimes feels that Kurts death has this kind of ultimate purpose… its so bittersweet…

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