Wyclef Jean – What Happened to Love ft. Lunch Money Lewis – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. Armando J. Nunez says:

    Awesome Video.

  2. Allen S. Hayes says:

    Super Video

  3. Nancy D. Faris says:

    The Video is e soooo cute…..perfect Video??

  4. Bernice L. Walker says:

    I really love this Video this is my favorite Video.

  5. Edward J. Baker says:

    My favorite Videos???

  6. Eugene A. Bennett says:

    Many thanks a much i really appreciate you made this app done.

  7. Beatriz L. Longoria says:

    This is an awesome cool screen , subscribed to yours channel right now.

  8. Kenneth D. Rowden says:

    I really appreciate you made this app done.

  9. Martin Baby says:

    Wyclef Rules

  10. lexva5 says:

    Why is this vid in black and white?

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