Eminem ft. Joyner Lucas – Lucky You – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. Christopher Miksitz says:

    This how it goes I’ma explain it soon

  2. Bryan A.k.j says:

    Eminem forever in my heart
    #from manokwari_PapuaBarat’Indonesia’

  3. Devin Zhou says:

    Who’s the better rapper?
    Machine gun Kelly=comment

    Think this isn’t fair? Well you can comment as much as you like but you can only like once :v

  4. Warnaka Dias Pannilaratne says:

    MGK disliked this !!

  5. ultim0 ching0n says:

    Motherfuck yes

  6. Alessandra Pereira says:


  7. Shaniyah Jurden says:

    Eminem say I’m dat cracker ??

  8. Jack Jolly says:

    em season is fkn lit !

  9. Gibran Soto says:

    Joyner and shady collab fire asf bout burnt my house down

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