Logic ft. Ryan Tedder – One Day – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. Steel Here says:

    Fox News won’t be inviting Logic to their studios anytime soon.

  2. HotZ says:

    The wall just got ten feet taller!

  3. Steven Buchanan says:

    Loguc wants publicly.. he hates bein a whiteboi lol

  4. AzoN Marine says:

    6:22 Dang

  5. Leonides Castro says:

    In a few years more it will be no more border, all people will rest for ☝ thousands year.God will send all this government and the unjust to hell they will suffer forever in the lake of fire.????????

  6. Kenya Harper says:

    M be

  7. Joseph Janeth says:

    tell the real story you peace of shit of sex trafficking. don’t brake the law and you wont suffer stupid video

  8. Colton Bartels says:

    ANYONE that thinks this is exactly what happens at the border is restarted..

  9. G Zeus says:

    That lady looks a lot like Judy Reyes aka Carla Espinosa.

  10. Donte B. says:

    The message is a little too deep for me but let’s just talk about how “vibey” the background music is

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