SZA – Broken Clocks –

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10 Responses

  1. Majestic_Elle says:

    can SZA organize a camp CTRL?!?!

  2. Galaxy Diamond says:

    I like how SZA’s songs have a cool vibe to it

  3. recktime mar ced carson says:


  4. dorris gambrell says:

    Cant shake the shit ????

  5. Lark Kemp says:

    this shoulda been a Spike Lee Joint ????

  6. Susie Moonwalker says:

    Why all new music got the same beat!! That shit is wack!! Also they all sing in the same repetitive form. Stupid.

  7. ângelo Luis says:

    Delicia de musica

  8. Ro Paca says:

    Adult summer camp! Let’s go!!! I wanna go?

  9. JuiceBoxMafia says:

    Good thing I watched the video all the way to the end cuz I was mad lost as to why this video was bout s summer camp LOL

  10. Diana Ortega says:

    u still look cute tho

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