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10 Responses

  1. Juicy Tomatoes says:

    In which timeline this movie will fit in the series?

  2. GnarlyTaco asf says:

    Imagine the ending of this movie you see some of the x men turn too ASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Courtesy Titus says:

    Hope from originals 2:11

  4. Hilaryyves 26 Cabahug says:

    is there a book of this

  5. LocalMeme Boi says:

    These movies timeline’s confuse me.

  6. Vinodh Kumar says:

    Sansa !

  7. Henry Gilst says:

    I just realized Jean was Sophie Turner of Game of thrones named Lady Sansa of winterfell.

  8. Henry Gilst says:

    I really wanna see X-men Vs Thanos battle. Clearly the avengers can’t match Thanos. Jean is enough to end Thanos I think

  9. GEV03 says:

    Everyone in the trailer is acting like Jean Grey (Dark Phoenix) killed Raven (Mystique)… Hank depressed and wanting revenge and that’s why he’s in Magneto’s side, also, everyone in black, in the rain, seemed like a funeral. I’m pretty sure it may be Mystique’s funeral. Magneto shouting, Charles saying that he’s sorry and he wished he stopped it sooner… Well.

  10. Maria Robins says:

    Sansa no

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