City Girls ft. Cardi B – Twerk –

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10 Responses

  1. Jaziel Lima says:

    Crazy Crazy Crazy ?????

  2. William Renato says:

    Gente, só eu achei a moça do 3:17 possuída pelo demônio ? kkkk Muita bunda. Nem prestei atenção na música…❤

  3. DEBBIE George says:

    Whal a twerk is this???????

  4. Christian Era Anama says:

    another piece of shit…RIP music..??

  5. RaycerBoi2232 says:

    Sweet… Christmas ????

  6. BigSi 2017 says:

    Remind me of the rumpshaker era in the early 90′. I aint a Cardi fan but… Gotttt Dammmm!!!!

  7. FrizzyFrisco says:

    Every educational

  8. Ruby Vallejo says:

    Girl at 3:33 got that shit and killed it

  9. Nick Nolasco says:

    How sad women go this low….

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