Casey Affleck in Manchester by the Sea –

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4 Responses

  1. jewels says:

    is it under a different title ? the book is no where to be found or spoken
    about anywhere, help

  2. zjedwards says:

    It’s amazing living in the small town of such a successful movie

  3. Lovemusicmovies says:

    Towards the end of the movie when George’s wife is on the couch does she
    say “I’m going to get you some ice baby it’s okay” I turned the volume up
    to hear it and I think that’s what I heard but I’m not sure. I have
    problems with my ears so I can’t use earphones…If anybody knows if that’s
    what was said please let me know.

  4. pi ton says:

    One of the most frustratingly overrated movies ever.

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