Carrie Underwood – Cry Pretty –

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10 Responses

  1. Emily Newkirk says:

    Carrie Underwood has proven that you in fact CAN cry pretty! She’s gorgeous

  2. FrigginWidowMaker says:

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  3. Nestor San Gabriel says:

    You’re exquisitely dainty still even you’re already a mother!

  4. Yaseeng Nkumua says:


  5. joel vasquez villanueva says:

    Pure talent… i love you carrie

  6. Colin Hill says:

    Ughhh jesus makes me want to cut my wrists, how depressing!!!

  7. MEL N says:

    What a terrible role model!…..”Looks are all that matters”, if you have a scar make sure you hide yourself for months and cover it so no one sees it!

  8. Pretty One says:


  9. Adam Howard says:

    I have never seen much of her being from the uk and her being very much a us artist from idol. But hearing this she is incredible!!!!

  10. 민지 전 says:

    Her vocal is amazing. I’m speechless….

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