Destination Wedding (2018 movie) –

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10 Responses

  1. sid assassin says:

    Johns next mission *WEDDING*

  2. Sindex says:

    When you see this guy you know someone is gonna die

  3. DINDRAGON says:

    Is that John Wick Zero?

  4. BaronvonPiano says:

    Good to see Keanu getting his funny bone back.

  5. ediah5 says:

    Thx for the trailer, I’m going to watch it only because I dig Keanu the person and most of his movies ? …. looks like something my GF would want to see as well so I’ll make it the next movie we watch together….. I’ll swing back with a review after I watch the movie

  6. Zamosa says:

    99% of comments here is about John Wick, 1% is is about this movie

  7. This is not my real Name says:

    This is actually a prequel. They will show why John thought his wife was dead, when in reality she moved to Hawkins with their son, BUT in a parallel universe.
    After that movie, we will get a new one called “Stranger Wick”.

    John finds out, that his wife is still alive and that he has a son, so he makes a deal with the devil, to cross over Constantine style with a cat and a foot bath and kick some serious demon ass to get his family back.
    On the way back he learns the truth, that everything is fake and his real name is Neo and we will get a huge cliffhanger of him waking up years after he saved Zion in a destroyed machine world. What happened? Is Zion still there? And most importantly, might his dog be still alive?

    Thumbs up if you want to see this movie! ^^

  8. qilorar says:

    it looks so bad, I want to wach it

  9. BingOo 789 says:

    Oh my God!! The kinda movie i’ve been waiting for … finally

  10. sibajiHevoL I says:

    lmao they made that fortnite skin into a real thing

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