Calum Scott – No Matter What –

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10 Responses

  1. Celine du Randt says:

    This song is everything

  2. Trenz Bantatua says:

    I am hearing sam smith vibes in him.. ???

  3. Thamsanqa Ngumbela says:

    Your music is always great

  4. Bondal Joven says:

    *Thank you Calum for being the voice of LGBT! You are awesome love you man!*

  5. 101star _strike says:


  6. RIFKANYA says:



    This song ! I am lucky I have a very loving and supporting family I never get a chance to experience coming out. I feel bad for those people (LGBTQ+)having their family turn back at them the moment they came out.

  8. Nope. says:

    I almost cried.. Beautiful song!

  9. Sbahle Yenzokuhle says:

    i think every human being deserves such loving & supporting parent’s

  10. Mimi Martins says:

    Am I the only one who cried the whole video

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