The Lion King (2019 movie) –

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10 Responses

  1. San ART says:

    The LION KING artwork like share and subscribe.

  2. DWLostCompanion says:


  3. Alan Macias says:

    Playing with my emotions mother fuckers I swear

  4. Turell Hall says:

    So fucking fack

  5. Jeremiah Grant says:

    Jungle Book

  6. Peeled Banana says:

    This is awesome but I’m so hyped for the real trailer and the movie???????

  7. A Fancy Cow says:


  8. you tube says:

    This is so expensive but still gonna watch it!

  9. you tube says:

    Aslan lol fml

  10. Sherlean Enos says:

    why can’t you guys just wait till the actual trailer comes out cause this is ridiculous you guys are using clips from different movies!!!

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