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10 Responses

  1. Ryan Sharp says:

    Man this better than drake whole album… i need a schoolboy q ft ..his album dope 2 ?? buddy

  2. FaZe Boyz says:

    He looks like my cousin

  3. FaZe Boyz says:

    Hes true in saying its better when ur young cos it is

  4. kelvinbradfield says:

    YouTube add this goes crazy!

  5. rdc fullworld says:

    We need rappers like him

  6. Lucas Raizer says:

    Que música em❤

  7. Renan Santos says:

    Vim pelo Instagram (kkkk) e não me arrependi. Braaabo!!!

  8. sheila baluku says:

    Really dope song???

  9. Tim White says:

    I wanna do a remix . BUDDY holla at me asap so I can hop on a version of this real shit. ReK

  10. mouton bleu says:

    Que du talent ?

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