Ice Cube – Fire Water –

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10 Responses

  1. Twartboot 2000 says:

    Will y’all get mad at me if I say I like this version better than the version with the beat?

  2. William Silva says:

    King the West

  3. JO 7Z says:

    Hip hop in his purest form!

  4. Tune Day says:

    Ayeeeeee nigga this shit FIREEEEEE ?? I mean ????? that fire water too much salt too much sugar too much smoke too much liquor ima die the good life ???????? ok cube #hesback

  5. Uaraera Zauana says:

    Damn ??? he killed it

  6. Natasha Elaine says:

    i love cube !

  7. robert canterbury says:

    That’s dope! Cube..

  8. Slim JAJA says:

    He spits fire. Cube is cube ???

  9. Uaraera Zauana says:

    Im a animal my shit is flammable???? >

  10. ringlordful says:

    no beat fucken crap

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