BLADE RUNNER 2049 (2017 movie) –

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10 Responses

  1. Patrick Mann says:

    Bits of the book,bits from the old old blade runner script that you wanted in the first film.Could this be a good film…could it.

  2. Jaime Alexandra says:

    If Roy Batty make a cameo in this I will lose my fucking mind.

    Not that the Vangelis theme didn’t already do that to me.

  3. Umesh Makvana says:

    looks promising.

  4. Vypasený Zmrd103 says:

    Batista, lol!

  5. John John says:

    Holographic porn, going to be a childless future for sure

  6. unknown says:

    blade runner is a film noir set in a dystopian future (hence the cyberpunk genre). This trailer provided us with too many action scenes. I hope it’s not just an action thriller

  7. Philip Kaplan says:

    Denis Villeneuve is untouchable. He hasn’t made an average movie in the past 7 years. He is masterful and my hopes are very high for this film

  8. Un Cinéphile says:

    One of my favorite movie , two of my favorite actor , Ridley Scott sceal of approvement … DAMN THIS GONNA BE GREAT

  9. saad qarni says:

    can’t wait to see ghost in the shell 2 !!

  10. tubecrazy77 says:

    Is it just me or the music at 0:55 remind anyone of A Clockwork Orange?

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