Alien – Covenant (2017 movie) –

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10 Responses

  1. 20th Century Fox says:

    The path to paradise begins in hell.

  2. 62 Savage says:

    I think the government is trying to tell us something. Because there has been lots of movies coming out about weird things in space???

  3. partypao says:

    It seems the story of this film is so simple that they unintentionally shown the whole plot in the trailer

  4. MiKEY SANZ says:

    0:33 “this is weed”

  5. Emily Hill says:

    22:44 *ALIEN COVENANT  2017*

    ????? ( )

  6. WanderingEgg says:

    Just saw the movie here in South Korea. I loved it. 10 years after Prometheus. I recommend rewatching it and then watching Covenant. But few good movie!

  7. ReignBowProd says:

    the music playing from about 0:53 and off and on onwards….I need it

  8. mike reyes says:

    I thought Eugenio Derbez was in this film?! In the future there are no Latin, Hispanic, Oriental, Asian people?! Ridley Scott, this film looks too Politically correct!!!!!!!! I’m still going to watch it because I love the first ALIEN film!

  9. 박세진 says:

    I already watched this movie

  10. ad set says:

    That you, Shasta?

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