YG ft. A$AP Rocky – Handgun – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. Rebecca Pelham says:

    @3:35 ASAP looks like he was looking for YG but he was nowhere to be found ? ?????? da song ? tho uh uh uh uh uh

  2. Kamari Russell says:

    Prison life ?????

  3. Zack Werner says:

    The adlibs almost ruin the song

  4. Randy Streed says:

    The ad I got was an add for this song haha, seems perfectly necessary…

  5. Kamari Russell says:

    Drop the soap ?

  6. Kairy says:

    Whos the nigga wit tattos all over is face……i need him in my life?

  7. Ricardo Rick says:

    Gangsta Rap Forever! YG!

  8. Sicksense JF says:

    Video reminded me of FULL METAL
    JACKET. But hold on this nigga A$AP flamed this track ????

  9. Jona Mc says:


  10. imed lefifene says:

    daamn that beatz

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