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10 Responses

  1. Sofia Rodriguez says:

    An Angel’s voice

  2. Conrad Weiser says:

    Love this facet of the jewel that is them. <3.. phuoo. Captures my breath Everytime

  3. Savage jack 21314151 says:

    You need to be in a song with imagin draagons like if u agree

  4. Leslee Perez says:

    Words can’t express how amazingly talented this man is! This was incredible! I love this band. ?

  5. Needles Phoenix says:

    This guy needs to stfu and have another soy latte

  6. Needles Phoenix says:

    Don’t stay….forget our memories, forget all possibilities. Don’t stay

  7. Adrián Hernández says:

    Sucker for pain

  8. araceli romo padilla says:

    How does this sound better… How. ??? So good.

  9. Mixed kid Fridays Official says:

    Song grabs you in! Hey did you steal our song idea! Jk nice voice man

  10. Tombung Laishram says:

    This song is really good song…love it

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