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10 Responses

  1. WatEkoWak says:

    Seriously…. This band is underrated

  2. Hannah - says:

    Me: I love WALK THE MOON but I’m kinda strapped for cash rn so I don’t need to see them live

  3. Mark Bareng says:

    So clean

  4. Ivett Nayely Quispe Mayta says:

    God save me now ?

  5. BLG & TNG World says:

    Wow Messi Is Singing

  6. Елена Смирнова says:

    plz “shut up and dance”!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. owo uwu says:

    케빈레이 존나 잘생겼다

  8. LinkinParkgirl1234 says:

    I love ONE band.

  9. NeuLawrence says:

    Storyline Direction –It seems as if Only The C’s Are in the Present/TimeZone, Like (Take Church),
    (Babe) +(last)
    The V’s Actually Rly Leads into the C, cause you can pretty much sense something bad””bad state” Emotionally as the Missing Puzzle Piece(C) Cause with our personalities, (overly-sensitive & emotional), it’s like these things are completely leading in inevitably.
    it’s almost like the V’s are so personal, closed in on us, descriptions of us, and the C is like, opening up, conversationa^(btwn us)-Intimate, the Relatable part to any relationship,

    We’re both the Alone Type. (Introverts) >>So it rly isn’t about “outside ins”, it’s just you&me, that intimacy, focused on us.
    Talk it like not a physical relationship (No “cover you up”), but instead, make it feel like you’re Emotionally Never Alone, “I hope you know” “you can have all my love” “my heart beats for your every move.”
    >>That Rly Creates that kinda (Both) Imagery, as the Prod., >Where it feels like you could cry to it or Beautiful; Vibe To it. that Acousticness(TimeBomb) >2014{Pop
    —We want this song to make Chvrches feel so accomplished and impactful and special as a band. –We want this to be like, every artist’s dream to be so connected to fans

    The Healing Process

  10. BKK says:

    You guys suck balls

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