Travis Scott – STOP TRYING TO BE GOD –

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10 Responses

  1. FREEDUN!!! says:

    Iluminati de mierda….. te vas a ir al infierno

  2. Anna Lopez says:

    GOD is in control I AM sending Love and Light to all that is oneness. As above so below within so without. Praise GOD and Jesus. Amen ?

  3. Zinho Beats says:


  4. Ryan Prazak says:

    That harmonica <33

  5. mrz 10910 says:

    Bros they updated the bible new patch coming soon

  6. Shark Tale 2: Mall Cop says:

    Fuck you I can do what I want I’m a man now

  7. Spacefitclothing mac says:


  8. Estiben Perez says:

    ITs stupid artist, and video was stupid too

  9. freezer says:

    Man daamn that instrument at the end…. what a legen who ever was playing it

  10. Sound8Vision says:

    I question the sincerity of this song and video given the very dark, pseudo-satanic nature of Scott’s older videos. I genuinely hope that he has truly realized his size in comparison to the all encompassing everything that is, and that his heart has opened a door to a new day.

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