The Voidz – Virtue –

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  1. Brad Cole says:

    0:00 – Leave It In My Dreams
    3:58 – QYURRYUS
    6:50 – Pyramid of Bones
    11:21 – Permanent HS
    15:32 – AlieNNation
    20:12 – One of the Ones
    22:51 – All Wordz Are Made Up
    26:10 – Think Before You Drik
    28:58 – Wink
    32:57 – My Friend the Walls
    37:01 – Pink Ocean
    42:27 – Black Hole
    45:43 – Lazy Boy
    49:13 – We’re Where We Were
    52:59 – Pointlessness

    Never thought I’d be the one to do this, but no one had done it yet so I took it upon my self ?

    Now sit back, kick back and enjoy King Julian ✌️

  2. nikcipikci says:


  3. Orlando Daniel says:

    This is a good work. My Friend The Walls my fav.

  4. a forced joke says:

    best album of 2018

  5. Luis Vasquez says:

    If Pink Ocean ain’t in your top five then you can go to hell

  6. johnyc3953 says:

    all rights belong to meeeeee

  7. Zalia Reyes says:

    when I get my hand on you oh oh oooooohhhh….. best line / song ever.
    Thanks Julian!

  8. BoringSupreez says:

    Permanent High School sounds like an old Weezer song

  9. Johan Bronx says:

    Damn One of the ones and Think before you drink on top but such a good album i love the rest of the songs too but theses are the ones that make me have the feels

  10. Luís O says:

    julian, NEVER stop to make this shit <3

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