Fairytale of New York by Pogues – ipasm.com

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5 Responses

  1. Big M29 says:

    I only like the first part to be honest

  2. DrFeelgood1 says:

    You scumbag, you maggot ! You cheap lousy faggot ! Love it !

  3. Death Cog Unit says:

    Memories. My dad used to play this every christmas.

    RIP. Though you’re not dead, dad, you might as well be. Alzheimer’s is a

  4. jdh15 says:

    The shitiest version of this song. Such a great melody, squandered by
    Shane. Sorry boys, you missed the mark on this one. Christy Moore made a
    marked improvement on this. Happy Christmas. RIPieces Shane..

  5. Blackemperess says:

    I will never forget my mum telling me that he was pissed when he was
    singing this and during any other subsequent attempt at singing it live.
    Well, he was certainly got into the spirit of things. Pun not intended.

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