The Chainsmokers ft. Emily Warren – Side Effects –

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10 Responses

  1. Alexander Telling says:

    They’ve done it again.

  2. Ana Maria says:

    Veronica #Riverdale ?

  3. Ayad Nedjla says:

    Veronica I always loved her. ??

  4. Arina Akentieva says:

    Что здесь делает Камила Мэндэс??)

  5. Jess sseJ says:

    Archie it’s time to get your girl

  6. juuh oliveira says:

    Camila Mendessss

  7. Amy Evers says:


  8. Alena Sýkorová says:

    Camilla Mendes????????

  9. Анастасия Лис says:

    От Камилла ?

  10. Mackenzie Bizarro says:

    I watched this music video before so many times and this time I watched it and realized it was Camilla Mendes I’m so stupid lmao I luv riverdale bye

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