Taylor Swift – You Need To Calm Down – ipasm.com

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10 Responses

  1. Dee Clarke says:

    hi I love you

  2. Anna catarine says:

    <3 Proud

  3. Alice HUANG says:

    Poor Katy looked so lonely at 2:45 XD

  4. Sammy brewington says:

    The bible says nothing about lgbtq+ it’s talking about petifules don’t lay with a child as you would with woman or man

  5. Normani says:


  6. tyler joseph is god says:

    Have y’all seen that video of Jesus Christ going to a pride parade?

  7. Braiden F. 716 says:


  8. Sia Furler says:


  9. yukino kieru says:

    Thank you for supporting the LGBT community <3 I LOVE YOU TAYLOR SWIFT

  10. Katy Gilbert says:

    Is this Taylor’s coming out album it’s so colorful!???

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