Samsung Galaxy S8 –

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  1. SamosSage says:

    Camera is 4mp less than s6. I wouldn’t say that’s “better.”

  2. Eglė Jocytė says:

    I’m in Samsung family!!! I’m so proud of it ???❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Trnla Alnrt says:

    While I’m watching this vid…I JUST CRIED!!!!!…This is FUTURE Other BRANDZZZ!!!!LONG LIVE SAMSUNG!!!!

  4. Vila says:

    I’m a apple guy but I’m gonna have to buy the s8 tbh

  5. Nickiya Gray says:

    ugh i want!

  6. xNightHawk119x says:

    Can I trade in my s7 for this right NOW!?

  7. misscarson says:

    My S5 is falling apart, been waiting for this to come out since I almost bought the hand grenade/Note 7

  8. Flavia Fernanda says:


  9. Yahel carmelly says:

    How can you not throw your Iphone away and by this flawless phone?

  10. tsddoq says:

    This looks so good
    But I hate touchwiz ugh

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