PnB Rock – ABCD (Friend Zone) –

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10 Responses


    post malone – psycho, ty dolla sign verse flow kinda ?

  2. Rick's Rich says:

    Pnb rock look like slenderman???

  3. Vernesha Jordan says:

    Tommie from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?

  4. Alex MITOSOCRAFTGG says:

    0:49 why the dude on the left is censored

  5. Teyona lashay says:

    If you reading this i hope you get rich man because i really want to be a comedian but i quess it not ment to be ?


    Idk if it’s me or this song is underrated

  7. Lovely Boni says:


  8. IDK 700 says:

    This is shit

  9. ItzJustRay says:

    Bro look like real life Cinnamon from apple jacks….but fucks wit all his music

  10. B FoCuz WholeHood says:

    Ostrich neck having ass Boi?Damn give that man a plate of food?????? I’m just saying Big Bird looking ass Styx Got damn PNB Rock looking like you haven’t ate in many years????

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