Nicki Minaj – Ganja Burn –

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10 Responses

  1. Estefania Yag says:


  2. joakim safstrom says:

    Never listen to a Nicki Minaj song before but this is good ?

  3. Carlos Rojas says:


  4. Amanda Sura says:


  5. Raaj Rtr says:

    Call girl

  6. nour is a gril says:

    يععععععع ععععععععععععععععع ?

  7. sharissa kim says:

    So what is the song about? the moral of it?. My friend ask me to ask here.

  8. Helen Perry says:

    nicki you my best rapers in the word ???????????

  9. Bj and Shy says:

    This song made me realize when she says Queen. She’s not just talking about being the queen of rap it’s way more to it than that.

  10. Serendipity Jikook says:

    love this song

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