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10 Responses

  1. OLB Vevo says:

    watch our video it’s a better song than this


  2. Khemus 4 says:

    Crucial Conflict (inspired)?

  3. Jelle De Nolf says:

    Fuck the migos bc they jumped x

  4. Eloye Valdez says:

    Weakass muthafuckas

  5. cashflow says:

    Takeoff got the best part idk what happened to offset and quavo

  6. 111 says:

    Its no life!

  7. Jeffrey Dowell says:

    wow, such violent lyrics.

  8. gamingwithKemyron says:

    well the only thing that they would need to fix is the house I have 6 floors in my house and my house is more than a manison it tanison

  9. YigitFather_ says:

    2:46 lol thats 21 savage <3

  10. Boss Batu says:

    take off isss aaa gayyy mennnn

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