Kygo & Ellie Goulding – First Time –

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10 Responses

  1. Dominic Bailey says:

    This totally lit

  2. Luis Ingalla says:

    When you see it 0:59 hahaha

  3. Joy flare 23 says:

    Wen I first saw the entrance and Ellie. Wasent moving I thought that’s this is going to be a manQuinn challenge

  4. Md Saddam Hossen says:


  5. Md Saddam Hossen says:

    This song is amezing

  6. Md Saddam Hossen says:

    I love this song

  7. Amar deep says:

    nice song

  8. Vim Evan says:

    I love how creative Kygo’s videos are! This is really deep…


    kygo and ellie goulding = beautiful song ?

  10. Athina P says:

    I believe that the fact that he’s on fire is symbolic. Here’s how I see it: When he was young, he lost his sister due to a illness. The fire represents his emotions and how deep they are that consume him. Throughout his life, he thinks of his sister and how much he misses her. That’s when he’s the most vulnerable. The piano, the bridge, the boat, the windmill, the gramophone, all these are things that she loved or that he has strongly associated with her, they are all memories that make his feelings come back and be really intense. But he can’t stop thinking about all these things cause that’s when he feels closer to her, which is shown as the field that they are both at, which is also the same field in which they had one of her best days when she was alive and is one of his most beautiful memories. These moments don’t last forever though, and as his feelings start to get more stable again, so is the “fire” inside him as he rises from his ashes. 🙂

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