Khalid – Saved –

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10 Responses

  1. Zombie Lux says:

    this is ART in every single way

  2. Jeremy Flores says:

    Whos here before 1 million?

  3. Anton says:

    Best song of the year
    my opinion

  4. Mimi Robin says:

    The girl is very pretty

  5. Exposure Mark says:

    So awesome???

  6. Trooper Garry says:


  7. Ria Parris says:

    Like that weird voice at the end

  8. Konrad Swierk says:

    auto like

  9. Perlx says:

    As a person who normally listens to alternative music I decided to give Khalid a try and I really dig this! that being said anybody want to suggest any other songs by him?

  10. Seriously Yavi says:

    Why do I relate to this so much

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